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Our Story

Islamic Art: embodiment of the symmetry, harmony, and structure of this world. A reminder that nothing is ever random. Dhikr in its most creative form. Our brand strives to tell stories that honor faith and the beauty of The One, The Shaper of Beauty. 

Canvas Prints: We wanted to be able to provide modern Islamic art at a reasonable price without compromising quality. This is why we provide premium canvas prints. We believe that modern Islamic art should be accessible to all at a reasonable price.

Founded and based in Dallas, TX.


Sharing the Love

When Pens & Paintings was created, we set out to make a difference. To not only bring beauty into your home, but to also spread the blessings God has given us.

This is why we donate a portion of every art piece you purchase to Islamic Relief and other trusted charitable organizations.

We aim to live a life committed to helping those who are less fortunate. We hope to help the world all together one step at a time.